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You can continue taking the medication even beyond three months without any problem.Kohinoor Gold is a natural and safe product prepared with herbs that are well-researched for their effectiveness if reducing physical weakness and sexual problems.sexual weakness and other problems related to over masturbation.

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However, statistics reveal that almost 1 in every 5 men suffer from this problem and sex therapists state that it is a hidden issue in men.

Libido describes the natural condition of being interested in sexual activity.

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Poor libido often dampens your relationship and ruins your sex-life with your partner.Sexual pleasure is characterized by a slow build-up to a peak of intensity that ends with a sudden decrease in excitement.Excessive fatigue, stress, physical and mental factors are responsible for low libido.This powerful combination of wonderful herbs has a stimulating effect on the body, glands and reproductive system.Kohinoor Gold helps in providing relief from urogenital infection, general body malaise and sexual problems.It helps in maintaining physical strength and sexual power. It is absolutely safe to be used by unmarried people, as it is not just a product to enhance your sexual pleasure, but an herbal medicine that takes care of many sexual problems.

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