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One-on-one sparring where partners attempt to resist and counter each other's techniques.This night was specifically targeted at 'Nage Waza' or Throwing technique.Because of the devastating nature of jujutsu techniques, it was not at all suited to sport competition.

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The following are screenshots from the live video footage: The Martial Arts of Tucson Dojo recently received the unique advertising opportunity to display a huge back-lit ad, towering 10' tall in Tucson's Park Place Mall.

The owner of the dojo called forth upon the Shiden'issen Jujutsu crew to take charge in it's design, message and production.

Continuing the formidable and alluring, professionally designed promotional series to advocate women in martial arts.

'Fasten' captures the girls' imminent threat of a rear mount attack. A first look at the new S i J promotional series to further advocate women in martial arts - that will be seen both in print and on the web.

Shiden'issen Jujutsu is an amalgam of the traditional and the modern.

With Jujutsu, you are learning how to defend yourself from the very first day.Si J is a unique culmination of Japanese Jujutsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo and Aikido. Shiden'issen brang forth an original name unique to its dojo.In the same fashion different schools of the same / similar art in Japan are called, The minds behind Martial Arts of Tucsons Shidenissen Jujutsu program are pleased to announce that filming has commenced on their new promotional video, tentatively titled Si J2, the long-awaited follow up to the programs original internet sensation, Shidenissen Jujutsu: Arts of the Samurai.It's a formidable and alluring, professionally designed series that feature actual students of Jujutsu.S i J Facebook fanpage S i J headquaters - Martial Arts of Tucson Shiden'issen Jujutsu ( S i J) Tucson Women Martial Arts. A great emphasis is placed on maintaining the attackers flow of momentum (which follows from the art's name), in which ju connotes pliability and suppleness.The audience will also be treated to a clearer picture of how techniques are taught and learned, a rare glimpse of a belt-awarding ceremony, and a more cinematic opening segment that will introduce one by one the dedicated Jujutsuka of Si J.

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