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This allowed me to pay the much better rate of Zero percent for one year instead.

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Not the biggest account in the world, but still plenty of spending room for my little construction business. You don’t need a human involved to activate a credit card, unless there is a glitch in your account, or some fishy sales pitch coming up. She engaged me in some unnecessary questioning and chitchat: “Welcome to Chase Business Services, my name is Charisse and I do hope I can provide exceptional service for you and blah blah blah may I ask why you decided to choose the Chase Ink Business card?

There was the usual sticker on the front telling me to “call to activate your new card! When I called, the automated system asked me to enter the last four digits of my card, so I did. ” “Because of the $400 sign-up bonus.” “Did you already have a business card before choosing us? ” “Yes I did have one, but I figured this one offers the same 1% cash back as my old business card, with the added benefit of the bonus.” “Oh, honey, this is much better than a 1% card – it offers 5% back on office supplies, 2% on gas, and blah blah blah” I accidentally laughed out loud, because she had just called me “honey”, but I pulled it together and explained that I don’t buy a significant amount of office supplies or gas for my business, so the card is effectively a 1% card to me.

If I’m going to take action on a consumer deal where I am effectively doing battle with a clever demon who is trying to fool me, it had better pay me several hundred dollars, and take only a small number of hours of total work.

So, motivated by the idea of sharing the story with YOU, I used myself as a guinea pig and signed up for a Chase Ink Business card (pictured above) that came in the mail, directed to my business name. The tale below describes the experience: I applied online, using the web address specified in the paper mailing, including a specialized offer code.

This wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us since we travel at least once or twice each year.

Sometime around 2006, when interest rates were high and yet credit was still loose, Chase started sending me checks for my business card that could be used to pay any bill – and they were offering a 0% annual percentage rate.He also works the Swagbucks system and various other coupons and gift cards.But this is too much of a job for a retired man like me.I was expecting the system to finish off by asking for my zipcode and then leting me go, but instead the voice announced “Please hold on, we are transferring you to one of our business specialists”. “Are you aware that we have other cards that might meet your needs better?” “Yes, I am aware, but I thought I’d start with this card and see how it goes [], then call you back later for more advice.They do this by offering an ever-increasing share of profits back to the consumers.

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