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Bird and Lem work on co-parenting plus their communication skills.

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Teri has difficulty with her sibling's friendship with her ex.

13 February 2002Maxine has big anniversary plans with Kenny involving concert tickets and a San Francisco trip.

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The Trinidad accent ranks 10th among CNN’s top 10 sexiest accents in the world.

27 June 2001Kenny and Bird deal with their injuries from the accident; Damon feels guilty, while Lem is angry; everyone depends on Teri, who eventually has her meeting with the partners of her law firm; Ahmad is determined never to get baptized, thinking that he is under a "baptism curse".

4 July 2001Kenny finally comes home from the hospital, and turns into a grump; Lem and Bird deal with Lem's lack of sexual interest in her since the accident; Damon's guilt over his part in the accident creates friction with Teri; Lila helps Max run Kenny's Towing business; Keisha lets Ahmad take her to the next level, but he jeopardizes it all trying to be a player; Damon's ex, Christine discovers that he may still be attracted to her; Max finds out the one thing she can do for Kenny that will stop an argument before it even begins.

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6 September 2000Teri confronts her friend Brian over his relations with Heather and the double standard for women in the work place.

Maxine catches Ahmad with a condom and fights with Kenny over giving him the sex talk.

3 January 2001The sisters learn from their Uncle Melvin that they have a half sister named Nina and she wants part of the inheritance.

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