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A graphical presentation and analyses of paired differences in individual items can be helpful in interpreting stability.

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The interval should be chosen so that symptoms are unlikely to have changed and respondents will not be able to remember their first responses.

For incontinence, two weeks is probably sufficient.

It should be expected that there should be some relationship between a questionnaire aiming to measure incontinence and a clinical finding of the condition, but questionnaires are primarily designed to measure the patient’s perspective of their condition, and so the diagnosis of incontinence may be less important than the way in which urinary leakage is perceived by patients and the impact it has on their quality of life.

Existing published questionnaires should be compared with the ICIQ modules.

The ICIQ is copyright protected and should not be altered in any way.

If any researchers wish to be involved in the development and psychometric testing of the ICIQ in alternative language versions, they should contact Nikki Gardener, Paul Abrams or Jenny Donovan.

A Cronbach’s alpha in excess of 0.70 is usually considered to show adequate internal consistency.

Particularly important for questionnaires used to examine outcome is the concept of stability - whether the questionnaire measures the same sorts of things in the same person over a period of time.

Clearly, a questionnaire that cannot demonstrate that responses are stable over a short period of time in a pre-treatment sample will not be able to measure change following treatment accurately.

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