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Maybe the floor is sagging a little, maybe something else is moving.

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The only way it would look somewhat decent with shims is to make a continues shim out of plywood with a jigsaw and coat it with caulk. They want you to send your money to the Lord but they give you their address." ~Hank Williams Jr.

I have instructed the tenant to let me know the moment it starts to rock and at that point I will most likely replace the flange with the expandable PVC version and tile the floor. __________________ "Now there are some preachers on TV with a suit and a tie and a vest . lyric from The American Dream Here in Washington, you anchor all the toilet flanges to the wooden sub floor. BUT I used to have to deal with a lot of toilets set on concrete slab flooring, post-tension concrete, etc. There were huge voids around the closet flanges where cement was never poured.

They sell a slide in waxless seal, just grind off the high cast iron flange, and insert plastic fitting.

See also Oatey closet base plates that are stackable...

I drill out lead with closely spaced holes, low speed and chisel out the rest. Lead alternatives such as Harveys soil seal works well as does plumbers epoxy to keep it in place.

The toilet is sitting 3/4" above the floor so I used 3/4" stock in three areas and used caulk to hold them in place.Eight-thirty in the morning and Im in an operating theatre at the American Hospital of Paris lying on a hospital trolley, my head bandaged with toilet paper.This is not the result of yesterdays sporting feats, its an attempted recreation of one of the most bizarre accidents of Hemingways accident-prone life. In the previous nine months Hemingway had sustained an anthrax infection in a cut foot, grippe, toothache, haemor-rhoids, several ski falls as well as having the pupil of his right eye cut open by the playful finger of his son.To Professor Michael Reynolds, one of Hemingways biographers, this was more than just another injury. Within two weeks of the injury which left him with a lipoma, a lump of hardened skin, permanently disfiguring his forehead, Hemingway was writing to Perkins that the new novel goes on and goes wonderfully.Reynolds suggests that when the skylight split Hemingways head open, the pain and the spilling of blood caused him to relive memories of his wounding in Italy which he had desperately sought to suppress: When the pain dulled ... As I lie staring up at the doctors and the light and the needle and the anaesthetic mask coming towards me, I cant help thinking that there must have been easier ways of dealing with writers block.On the night of 4 March he had gone to the bathroom at his flat in the rue Frou and pulled what he thought was the lavatory chain only to find it was the cord attached to the skylight above him.

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