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Natalie's also got a really wicked sense of humour.In the press she's often portrayed as a bit of a saddo - this flighty, hippy girl who preaches from on high.She was probably a little frightened to meet me, but that wouldn't have occurred to me back then. If there are 12 ways of looking at something, Natalie will always find a 13th.

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Through our conversations, I got to thinking that the plight of the native American Indians was a very important issue.

I've always placed great value on our shared experiences.

They probably held lots of my world views in great disregard, and I had to look out on that and think, well, what do I do with this?

"On a sliding scale of sexuality I'd place myself around 80-20, but I definitely prefer men to women," the 51-year-old musician says.

REM's new album, Up, was released last month and is at number two in the album charts.

Natalie Merchant, 35, is the former vocalist of the New York-based band 10,000 Maniacs.Michael Stipe, 33, is the lead singer with the multi-million-selling rock band REM, which formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980.He is also executive producer of Todd Haynes' glam-rock film, Velvet Goldmine. singer Michael Stipe is setting the record straight about his purely platonic relationship with Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. frontman's relationship with Kurt was more than an innocent friendship.But why has Michael taken so long to deny the rumors?The work she was doing was real and important - all about the human condition.

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