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A unfontunately man changes completely into an ass.A beautiful girl falls in love with the ass, feeds him delicacies and adorns his forehead and hair before making love to him.The wearing of animal masks had long been part of the folk traditions surrounding the celebration of country festivals in Britain.

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The likeliest date of composition is 1595-6 since the play shares the poetic style of, all of which were written in the mid-1590s.

Scholars have often tried to pinpoint the play's date by arguing that it was written to be performed at the celebration of a particular aristocratic wedding but there is no conclusive evidence to confirm this theory. Shakespeare would have read this long poem in its original Latin while a grammar school boy in Stratford-upon-Avon.

full title · A Midsummer Night’s Dream author · William Shakespeare type of work · Play genres · Comedy; fantasy; romance; farce language · English time and place written · London, 1594 or 1595 date of first publication · 1600 publisher · Thomas Fisher narrator · None climax · In the strictest sense, there is no real climax, as the conflicts of the play are all resolved swiftly by magical means in Act IV; the moment of greatest tension is probably the quarrel between the lovers in Act III, scene ii.

protagonist · Because there are three main groups of characters, there is no single protagonist in the play; however, Puck is generally considered the most important character.

Chaucer's Merchant's Tale has the fairy King and Queen (here named Pluto and Proserpina) arguing over a mismatched pair of mortal lovers.

The name of Oberon is first given to the King of the Fairies in where it means Titan's daughter and is used to refer to various divinities, such as the huntress and moon goddess, Diana, and Circe, the transformer of men into swine.We know that masques undoubtedly arose out of 'dumb shows,' whose chief attraction consisted in splendid costumes and decorations, in music and dances, and which were only gradually furnished with dialogue.From the fact that the object of masques was to celebrate marriages in high life and similar occasions, it is obvious that it was not their aim to solve a dramatic problem; in them the carrying out of an action and the delineation of characters always remained a secondary object, not to say that they were excluded.In Germany, as well as in England, it has repeatedly been pointed out that A Midsummer Night's Dream in its character resembles a masque.It is true that we possess comparatively few indications for forming a correct estimate of the earlier state of masques, yet these few are sufficient to enable us to judge of the resemblance between them and Shakespeare's most charming comedy.After so much material from pagan antiquity, there is also the source of St Paul's letter to the Corinthians.

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