Miley cyrus dating aussie

Miley Cyrus has named her dog after her favorite Australian slang term.The 'Hannah Montana' star has fallen in love with the country's colloquialisms and common phrases since she started dating Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth and has used a well known word for her pet pooch's moniker.No one said growing up would be easy, especially for someone who did it in the public eye.

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She can captivate an audience for a continuous hour, something not easily achieved with the short attention span of today's fans.

One might argue that shiny costumes and sexy choreography are almost a necessity to give the audience what they expect from a budding young starlet.

You can expect to hear every song on the new album as well as some old favourites.

Her previous shows accommodated her younger audience, whereas this tour is specifically designed to convey the fact that she is no longer a child.

Daring costumes and fabulous stage sets come together to give you a show you will not soon forget. She has shed the remaining bits of her cutesy image to reveal a rebellious young woman, undaunted by people's expectations of her.

Some fans might be unpleasantly surprised by the transition, but like it or not, it is happening.

Her costumes are skimpy and sexualised, and the choreography follows suit. Her singing and song writing skill are obvious to anyone who takes the time to listen to her music.

In addition, her ability to entertain is unparalleled.

For the first time, the former Disney Channel songstress is coming to this great land.

The tour kicked off at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane on June 21st.

The tour is moving on to Sydney on Sunday 26 June and will perform at the Sydney Acer Arena.

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