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Individuals with expertise in the relevant fields including clinicians, statisticians, quality improvement, methodologists, and pertinent measure developers, as well as consumers, are encouraged to submit nominations.TEP members are chosen to provide input to the measure contractor based on their personal experience and training.We are seeking participation from the full range of clinicians involved in treating patients within these clinical areas.

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Future Clinical Subcommittees under this project will be convened through separate nomination periods.

Details on future Clinical Subcommittees are also provided on the first page of the nomination form.

If you are interested in receiving updates regarding any of these future Subcommittees, please request to be added to a mailing list by providing your contact information here.

Desired qualifications of Clinical Subcommittee members include the following: We encourage specialty societies to nominate members for participation in the Subcommittees whose professional expertise and experience reflect some or all of the qualifications above.

Each Clinical Subcommittee meeting will be recorded and transcribed for internal purposes only, with feedback summarized in a report posted to the CMS webpage.

Nominees are required to submit a completed Clinical Subcommittee Nomination form electronically through a web-based form located here: https:// As a part of this form, nominees are required to upload (i) a letter of interest (not to exceed two pages) highlighting experience/knowledge relevant to the expertise described above and involvement in measure development, and (ii) a curriculum vitae or a summary of relevant experience for a maximum of 10 pages.

TEP members are selected to represent a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. The contract name is “MACRA Episode Groups and Cost Measures.” The contract number is HHSM-500-2013-13002I, Task Order HHSM-500-T00002.

As part of its measure development process, CMS asks contractors to convene groups of stakeholders and experts who contribute direction and thoughtful input to the measure developer during cost measure development and maintenance.

Our operating model focuses on solving the unique supply chain demands of each customer and, via a culture of communication and operating flexibility, draws from the entire MMS organization to deliver a customized solution.

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