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number of characters) of the last column in this file (it has 50 columns). (The answer you're looking for is exactly 183.895.) Naturally, determining this is trivially easy in Postgre SQL – in fact, the most time-consuming bit is creating a table with 50 columns to hold the data.

Poor understanding of CSV seems to be endemic at Microsoft; that file will break Access and Excel too.

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Microsoft no longer has the monopoly it once enjoyed on the desktop, thanks to the rise of Linux and Apple.

IT infrastructures are increasingly heterogeneous thanks to the flexibility of cloud services and easy access to high-performance virtualisation technology.

Good tools make the things you need to do easy; poor tools make them hard. (This is all conceptually true, if not literally true - for example, no RDBMS I know of can render 3D graphics.

But any one of them can emulate any calculation a GPU can perform.) Postgre SQL is clearly written by people who actually care about And there are plenty more examples out there.

I know it's not scientifically rigorous to do a comparison like this when I don't have equal experience with both databases, but this is not an academic exercise – it's a real-world comparison.

I have done my honest best to get my facts about MS SQL Server right – we all know it is impossible to bullshit the whole internet.

If Postgre SQL says your import worked, then it worked properly.

The slightest whiff of a problem and it abandons the import and throws a helpful error message.

Over the years I have discussed the issue of Postgre SQL vs. Unless otherwise stated I am referring to Postgre SQL 9.3 and MS SQL Server 2014, even though my experience with MS SQL Server is with versions 2008 R – for the sake of fairness and relevance I want to compare the latest version of Postgre SQL to the latest version of MS SQL Server.

Where I have made claims about MS SQL Server I have done my best to check that they apply to version 2014 by consulting Microsoft's own documentation – although, for reasons I will get to, I have also had to rely largely on Google, Stack Overflow and the users of the internet.

I and my colleagues freely move code and database dumps between them.

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