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Bunting bragged about his SPLC SANCTIONED “sodomy “death-style” in a email attacking me and along with one of his death threats. and so because of her act of “stupid is stupid does”…she is personally responsible as being the ONE who allowed me out this animated by Satan pile of monkey feces! And NO…I never stalked her with a gun…I has a gun to protect her IF her x came to try to kill her again…the x being the father of her sons wife…. fref=ts Going to make this brief only because I have shared more then enough about this sick pathetic Satan inspired parasite.The SPLC uses him to gather info on Miltia,s working with the FBI targeting real Americans in the North and South jacketing them as being TERRORISTS which is why when I viewed his FB page he hand ALL MILITIA orgs on there! ) So when you listen to Butt Hurt Bunting talk about me and LIE along with others…you know why because I have outed his/their “employers” …namely the FBI, CIA, US GOV and any all Satan owned souls like him that are enemies of this country, Almighty God. Just Google “Bill Bunting richardboydenreport”…no wait..! And you will notice that Bunting has gone out of his way to jacket me with LIES…WHY? Bunting volunteered the fact he and family were LIFETIME members of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Exposing Spiritual Wickedness In High Places is a personal calling and work to expose evil and highlight righteousness in whatever sphere of reality it dwells.

My first page, Boyden Report was hacked by a full blooded American Indian hating racist named Scott Prentice of South Dakota.

His personal texts are “pedophile graphic in intimate detail” talking about a child getting a finger in it’s ass before being sodomized and I can document that.

ONLY if one is “child porn” intimately familiar with this kind of VISUAL has by definition of been a part of that evil.

Click to read his statement about Militias and “Patriots” or White Christian Gentiles to be more specific keeping in mind that Bunting is a LIFETIME MEMBER of the SPLC!

IF you read Cohen’s LIES…about 911 and quoting Jew controlled media sources like the New York Times among other spin spawners of deception…then realize that he “jackets” any and all non-Jew Americans as being like those who did 911 !! Interesting that those who create and put in place terrorist acts or support those that do or WORK for those that promote and protect the same like a BUNTING…will then target and jacket those “not guilty” of what is attributed to them as Bunting and others have done to me.

Explorer Of Every Orifis and Proud Confederate” – Bunting As you see his quote above, Bunting as a CONFEDERATE NO LESS upholds the rape of women , abuse of children as shared in filthy texts sent to me which I still have and confesses to be a androgynous he/she sodomite with his “wife”.

Both of identify with and are in real life the sexual expression of the demon Aliester Crowley who his wife has been by (her words) THE IMPORTANT TO ASK IS HOW THE FEDS TURNED BUNTING INTO A “SNITCH”!

When Bunting texted me as the “rocket scientist” that he is…bragging that he and family were LIFETIME MEMBERS of the Synagogue of Satan Jew organization called The Southern Poverty Law Center…it was easy for me to make the FBI connection to and in his anus.

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