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And now in the current digital era, prostitutes around the world, Kenya included, are moving the trade to a new frontier – the internet.

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A conviction will lead to a heavy fine or years in prison.

But, thanks to the internet, more and more Kenyan prostitutes are giving up their spots on the sides of the streets for a more lucrative business online.

During that era, there were two types of prostitutes: Watembezi and Malaya.

The first, named from the Kiswahili verb for ‘to walk’, was when prostitutes would solicit men in any public place.

With the progression of years, the fee charged also rose – according to Luise White’s The Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Nairobi, “In 1914,the prostitution fee had been 25 cents, but by 1923 the prostitutes were charging KSH 1.50.” In 1927, due to the danger on the streets of Majengo, where Watembezi mostly operated from, clients moved to Danguroni, a more secure housing area adjacent to River Road, where the Malaya had settled.

“But competition between the two areas became so stiff that prostitutes in Danguroni introduced Wazi Wazi, which can be translated loosely as “out in the open”, a new way of prostitution where they would take chairs and sit outside their rooms to scout for clients.” Unlike Malaya, Wazi Wazi only took place during daytime hours, with most clients being from the railways, at the time, the country’s biggest employer.

Currently, Koinange Street, in the centre of Nairobi, is known as the industry’s hub.

After businesses close for the day, hawkers take over the street sides.

People who so far come forward seeking parliamentary seat are the current councillor for Kiamaiko ward Mr.

George Wanjohi, former Mathare aspirant during KANU era Mr. Francis Mbai and the son of the current MP for Starehe Kariuki popularly known as K1. for now it is for the aspirant both for county assembly representatives and members of parliament to convince the electorates why they are suitable.

The area around River Road in the Central Business District (CBD), even back then, was a dangerous place, and businessmen with cars looking for Watembezi pioneered the “Pick and Drop” culture of modern day Koinange Street.

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