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On her left is a poster of yet another curvaceous woman in white bikini bottoms with arms crossed over her naked chest.“Escorts Kenya” and a phone number are written next to her curvy waistline.One of the women did not seem to care that she might get infected and hence infecting her husband.

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And this is a beginners guide to prostitution in Nairobi: [/sociallocker] The living dead are in a word ugly. They can be found all over the Westlands, (Muthithi Rd) CBD and Ngara (around Stima Plaza) and Hurlingham.

In the CBD prices range from 200 at Sabina Joy to 1,000. The Hurlingham prostitutes are more attractive but also cost more. They are either Cushitic or Bantu or even Nilotic and to be honest I was tempted to go deeper -under cover ofcourse- with my investigation but oh well…

Prostitution is one of the oldest trades known to mankind, dating back to the existence of civilisation.

Women and, with the advancement of years, men, have lined dimly lit street corners, luring clients for centuries.

It was a speedy change globally with the invention of the internet – letters that took days became emails received within seconds, acquiring and preserving information became easier as gaming and entertainment became more advanced. And Kenya’s prostitutes seem to be catching on as they are swiftly moving their trade from darkly lit street corners to their computers, more secure premises where they are cashing in big.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession – from ancient Mesopotamia, Greece and the Roman Empire, where it was an organized – and tolerated – trade.

But most people do not know that Kenya is actually a prime location for sex tourism with it having gained it’s dubious title of sex tourism hot-spot of Africa.

And you can actually confirm that for yourself to go and sample some of their lecherous ways to countries such as Netherlands: So I decided to take a walk around Nairobi and sample some of what is on the menu in form of “sushi”. They are for people in a bind; need to have an itch scratched but lack the scratch for beautiful call girls.

Male prostitution also appears to be on the rise as shown by a two-year study in Kisumu that said out of the 485 men who had sex with other men, 80 per cent were married or in a serious relationship.

The study, in collaboration with Liverpool VCT, found that 75 per cent of men prostitutes did so to provide for their families.

You will find prostitutes standing in the corridors making it hard for anyone to pass through. The place is so maintained, you won’t even realize that it is a brothel. If you climb up the stairs to the reception, the only business there is selling out rooms and condoms.

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