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cylinders to make a simple kit that transforms a standard household refrigerator into a ‘refrigerator on steroids’ that can allow a full keg of beer or soda to be dispensed without even opening the door; The Leland CO A beverage dispensing faucet for beer or soda on the outside of the refrigerator is not entirely a new concept; there have been devices known as ‘kegerators’ for years, which are essentially dedicated refrigerators for kegs.

After use, dry parts can be put back in the bag for continued protection Leland developed this out of necessity for their own business of making steel CO2 cylinders for marine inflatable life jackets.

In the manufacturing line, the raw steel cylinders rust very quickly without any protection.

The SPHERES program consists of 3 free-flying robotic satellites have been operating on board the International Space Station (ISS) for more than a decade to conduct science and test a diverse range of hardware and software.

One of them, identified as “blue," was recently found to have some issues with its propulsion subsystem.

The long awaited addition to Leland's South Plainfield facility made a progressive step today as the building steel was delivered to the site.

Ground clearing and site work will be underway as soon as the County of Middlesex issues their final approval documents.

Leland, known for the popular site Mr, has been producing products which use small recyclable steel cylinders filled with gas for uses such as seltzer bottles and whipped cream makers since 1965.

The new Leland CO Tap Gas cylinders, a stainless steel drip tray, heavy duty gas regulator and even a specialized 1.0” diameter hole saw to facilitate installation.

Fridge Tap product; reduced waste and recycling needs.

According to EPA statistics, only 35% of all recyclable items are captured for processing in the US.

When these chemicals volatilize, they release vapors which are attracted to the metal surfaces due to their polar orientation.

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