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If you’re trying to impress a guy into liking you, you don’t need to wait too long to read his mind.Almost always, a guy makes up his mind about a girl within the first conversation.

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And I'm an online dating fibber." ("Hi, Amy.") There are plenty of people in that room.

When I filled in my application, on the line that asked, "age," it didn't say "now." So I just wrote my age from four years earlier. But what are the odds of that happening twice in a lifetime? We had planned to meet in the lobby of the theater showing . "Since we've only met once, I'll be the guy from Jersey wearing scuffed cordovan shoes and a dorky green shirt without collar buttons. The reason I can quote our conversations verbatim is because I once texted him, "These texts are our love letters! " And several months later for Christmas/Hanukkah, Rick handed me a book: .

At least it wasn't as bad as one woman I know who, after fibbing about her age, weight, and even hair color wrote that what she's looking for in a man is "honesty." Probably the biggest fib I encountered were the photos some men posted of themselves. I remember looking around the bar for one dark-haired man I had corresponded with only to come face to face with a much older cue ball. I have a Fabio faux leather jacket that I will wear over it for camouflage. " I advised him, "Keep the jacket on until after they give you the ticket. I jumped up and reached to touch his button-less collar to assure him it looked fine. He had transcribed every email and text into a chapter book which included a cast of characters and even understudies.

Bald is fine, but photos from your bar mitzvah or confirmation? And yet..." Several texts and phone calls later, our second date was approaching, as was my insecurity. It's the hip West Village, remember." I arrived at the theater early. It was the most romantic gift I have ever received.

Many years later when I was writing a magazine story on online dating, for the first time I perused women's profiles for my research. Reading some of those names, I realized that's why I hadn't met Mr. I'll bet "Luv It Naughty" and "Salsa Sue" were getting far more hits than me, named after a dog. And when it was time to leave the bar, Rick said the one thing every divorced/single/widowed woman on the planet wants to hear after what she feels has been a perfectly splendid evening. And that we both had lined up a few dates before we met. I suggested maybe a pre-second-date hiatus would be a good idea until we had both honored those dates. has the class of Britney Spears, we can fix them up.

Lesson #3 Patience is Key The first line of my dating essay went like this: "I was blissfully married to a hey-honey-I'm-home kind of guy. But a day after my suggestion I emailed, "I've had a change of heart. I'm going to go out with Joe and you're going to see Ms. Please note: Quantity Limits and return policy on this item The order quantity for this product is limited to 10 units per customer.Please note that orders which exceed the quantity limit will be auto-canceled. Please read about our Returns policy by visiting for more information Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on To quote Anne Bancroft (who was married to Mel Brooks), 'I'd hear the key in the lock and think, now the fun starts.' I'd like to feel that way again." The very first guy who emailed me listed his "turn-ons" as tattoos and body piercings. But my patience paid off in that I actually met men who were interested in women old enough to remember when President Kennedy was shot. In his photo, he was seated on a Harley motorcycle the size of Utah. The list of guys mirrored the words sung by the great Nancy La Mott: "There were avant-garde composers, even 'dese and 'dems and 'dozers . ." But I was a package deal with younger kids than most of my friends have, including a son with autism. I missed reading Fred's Capricorn one also -- one of about a million things that changed after Fred died.

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