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The curious truth is that the foreigners with the highest rate of marrying Americans are Japanese women, nearly 70%, and Korean women marry Americans at a not at all high rate, but American/Korean and American/Asian couples who still hold hands even though they are old are difficult to find, that’s just one thing I want to say.

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Around that time I was in a place with many native English instructors and got to know them, so I know a little about their habits, abilities, and sincerity.

First, young native speaker instructors who come from America or Canada are often misfits in their own societies. So many Americans have never been to LA or New York, and a lot of them come from those places.

[ 27, -2] Feels like she's purposely delaying news of the break up and her next relationship for the sake of her image 9.

This blogger starts off ok but then, almost inevitably, things go off the rails. Recently people have been shocked to see things written on Youtube and blogs by English instructors from America and Canada degrading Korean women.

They graduate from university and are unable to find jobs, so they go to foreign countries. The surprising thing is that Americans from rural areas in the Midwest and South know less about America than I do. Moreover, they have no experience teaching English to foreigners, so they wind up hemming and hawing and wasting time.

These days there are many large business-style hagwons, so you can get good practice but…

After the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal and the various interviews they did and books they published, we can imagine how much money they made.

And on the internet there are sometimes posts wheree foreigners degrade Korean women, but I don’t see it that way.

It's no unknown fact that fans love shipping BTS's bunny maknae Jungkook with a number of female idols.

The latest candidate up for a ship alongside the golden maknae happens to Lovelyz's very own maknae, Jeong Ye In!

In our country, too, if a member of the opposite sex proposes a meal together, do you refuse or raise the price? And whether man or woman, if you are not lovers, then in English you must be friends. When night comes you put on your clothes and head to a party, nightclub or bar for a drink. I think that North American native speaker instructors coming from this background look at the Korean women around them and think like they were back home, and their outrageous words and self-pride come from that.

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