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While I might introduce her to her dream man, she might not be his "dream woman." She truly has no idea what goes on behind the scenes in finding her someone who fits most of her criteria.

The media seems to relish in painting these so-called victims as baby lambs who were innocently in search of their soul mates and vindictively scorned by "evil matchmakers" they paid boatloads of money to.

What is never printed or addressed is the absolute terrorizing trauma these "victims" put their matchmaker through.

I was very passionate about the fitness industry...

helping people achieve tangible goals, augmenting their self-esteem through diet and exercise that resulted in an overall improved quality of life.

His rejection led her to file a slandered-filled lawsuit based on her assertions that I "forced" a grown man to go on THREE "fake dates" with her.

Not only is it a baseless and absurd accusation, it's insulting to both me and the man who dated her.I am simultaneously aggravated, outraged and bewildered by this woman's allegations and her lack of awareness of what truly transpired.She fell head over heels for the Jewish Ivy-educated businessman who she had went out with three times.It seems that on a weekly basis, the media decides to "lynch" a matchmaker.The noose is a heavily promoted article focusing on the "victims" of matchmakers.The only fake dates that occur are depicted on reality tv, and last I checked, there wasn't a camera crew following this woman and man on their three dates.

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