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This buried the circle of mounds under a dark brown circular enclosure.

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There were many smaller circular enclosures and a scattering of other mounds and pits.

On the opposite bank of the Licking River's South Fork, another square enclosure and an oval earthwork encircled the top of a hill that overlooked the vast maze of geometric enclosures.

Unfortunately, we may never know the particular, special meanings they attached to them.

"Eagle Mound" is a group of connected mounds located at the center of the Great Circle Earthwork that some believe is an effigy mound built in the shape of a bird in flight.

The Newark Earthworks were the largest set of geometric earthworks ever built in Ohio. D.) of pre-contact American Indian people -- a designation sometimes referred to, by archaeologists, as "pre-historic", though pre-contact American Indian groups certainly *did* possess a history.

They were constructed by the Hopewell culture (100 B. Originally, the earthworks included a great circular enclosure (the Great Circle Earthworks), another slightly smaller circle that was linked to an octagon (Octagon Earthworks), and a large, nearly perfect square enclosure (Wright Earthworks). The first official Newark Public Library opened in September of 1908 using one rent-free room in the Memorial Building.In 1920, the library moved to the Hilliard House at 105 W.A number of clues proved the land, at the time the Hopewell culture built their earthworks here, was a prairie.This would have made it easier to design and build the complicated earthworks.At the end of this stage, the outer surface of the Great Circle would have been dark brown, but the inside surface of the circle would have been bright yellowish-brown.

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