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The trick is finding that guy who possesses that unpredictability and grit while also displaying an accessible level of vulnerability.

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Don’t go after men who don’t seem to align with what you're looking for. Often we imagine that carefully curating our desires will result in us getting them, but often you're simply limiting yourself to a wonderland of possibility.

If, for example, you’re on the prowl for something more lasting, shall we say, agreeing to go out with a guy whose Tinder pictures alternate between a bikini-clad gaggle of girls and tequila shots in a dive-bar hashtagged #Bromance Supreme . Think about dating someone who lives a little out of town, has been married previously, isn’t as into family, unabashedly loves cats or has a liiiittle more around the middle than you’d prefer, for instance.

Which means that your date was either sticking it out to get laid, waiting for the opportune time to leave or is inherently flakey. Many women tend to see disingenuous gestures like that as complimentary when they’re not. Well, for starters, you say things like “cool, hip chick.” Words like that went out with bell bottoms and lava lamps, Johnny Bravo. As for your gentlemanly approach, let’s break down that word.

Often times we’re so stuck in our head and projecting our feelings on to the other person that we can’t really tell what think of the date. (See the “what defines a gentleman” section below.) The guy put that in his profile not because he doesn’t want to date anyone else but because he wanted to be seen as a “devoted” or “honorable” guy. (Please, please tell me you get that reference.) So there’s your first hurdle. We’ve said this before…nothing is more unattractive than passivity and weakness. How men define what it means to be a gentleman and how women define it are two very different things.

Last week I mentioned how I wouldn’t go out with someone who had viewed my profile multiple times without contacting me. Speaking of which, I came across a profile on OKCupid a few weeks ago that I thought was…interesting. Or is it so that you could put that statement at the top of your ad so that when the woman you’re dating checks to see if you’ve logged, she’ll see it? It’s appropriate that I am listening to “Hanky Panky” by Madonna right now as I type this.

It’s just an email, and it might lead to a simple drink. I feel the same way about people who go on dates and stay out for several hours only to email you the next day and say, “I don’t think we’re a match after all.” Really? Equally annoying are the people who use online dating sites, go on one or two dates with someone, and decide to “focus on that” but yet still keep an active profile and log in regularly. The guy put a disclaimer at the top of his profile. There are a few interesting lines in the song that I think explains what women really want.Well, if this first date came from an online dating site, the likely answer is that the person you went out with had another date the next night and liked them more.If someone spends almost 4 hours with you and doesn’t think a 2nd date is warranted, you’re better off without them. first dates are alternatively exhilarating and eviscerating. —that you are experiencing a bona fide blur of them. "He was nice, but kind of boring." Or, "I loved his style and taste in music . Being comfortable in your own skin and owning your passions (contemporary theater! Keep in mind—and actively hone—the things you want to be admired and pursued for: "If your suitor is actually worth that prized second date, then what’s going to keep him interested and wanting more is your confidence, your spirit, and y.o.u. Rather than focusing on whether he’s into you, how guys never call even when they promise they will, or—shoot! try and stay in the here and now: "You’ll be much better able to enjoy the present when you’re not stressing about the past or future. That scenario is very different than feeling rather ambivalent either way. But all that being said, since you’ve taken the time to write, it seems your haunches are more readily resting in the "I liked him, what gives?! While yes, we ain't nothing but mammals and we should do it like they do on the Discovery Channel (sorry) . Physical attraction is nothing to sniff at, but pure lust does not a love-foundation make. ), is going to be far more sexy than any way-up-there stilettos or your very best cleavage shirt. What does he do when he's not accounting/environmental science-ing/editing/dance instructor-ing, etc. You’ll be less focused on what he thinks of you and better able to enjoy the date, which paradoxically, might make him more likely to ask you out again." Do your best to remain present.But while this 24/7 online access makes getting a first date easier than ever, securing the second seems like it’s increasingly difficult. To answer that question, I brought in the big guns: romance professionals who can explain to the clueless among us the most common reasons you’re finding yourself left without a second date only to embark on another series of anxiety-inducing firsts. Others, you’ve just got to suck it up and keep trying.

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