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It was bad…By the end of that year (2015), I kept wondering why I did it. “It’s not like I go sleeping with every Tom, Dick & Harry.” But deep down I wanted to care…I wanted to feel again; to stop the numbness. Thank heavens for make-up.hid my swollen eyes & worn out face. I found a team of youths so in-love with God & I wanted that too. I’m a christian who isn’t afraid to say ‘no’ to invites to clubs, random dating & behaviour that pulls me a step backwards.

Outside, I smiled and said, “am transformed.” But inside I was breaking apart. Why did I find sleeping alone so weird…Why did my body still crave his touch…Why did I still stalk him on social media…Every night felt like a knife was being stabbed into me. I spent my daylights hiding from the world in the name of being sick. I kept going back every Sunday & every other day in between. So back to who’s the real me…Am a christian; unashamed of my walk…though tough at first.

I missed that life so bad and I couldn’t understand why. I kept saying, Lord this is unnecessary.I did go to church that day. I learnt how to make friends, to be patient in waiting & opening up about my weaknesses.

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Chief executive Mbuvi Ngunze said the loss reduction was underpinned by an increase of passenger numbers by 89,000 to 2.2 million.

It was also attributed to lower operating costs made possible by fleet rationalisation in line with the ‘Operation Pride’ recovery strategy.

I saw the frustration in his eyes every time I said “no, I can’t do that.” I wasn’t the kind of girl to succumb to peer pressure but see, I loved him. I was 17 when I gave myself to him…It was meant to be special…He was supposed to be ‘the one’…We were supposed to be more in-love after that.

I started drinking, smoking, clubbing…I wasn’t breaking out of my shell like everyone else thought. Am a girl who loves life & who is passionate about loving others. The process was necessary & am proud of who I am becoming. Am the friend who says; Know Christ & embrace the change that comes with it.

Kenya Airways has announced an operating profit of Sh900 million, bringing net loss down to Sh4.78 billion for the half year ended September 30.

Financial statements showed the loss was down to Sh7.13 billion from Sh11.95 billion posted in the same period last year.

‘It’s just been months.’ ‘I mean, it’s no big deal, right? I got tired of being the ‘miss goody-two-shoes’…Tired of having to live a lie. He was ‘perfection’ in my eyes; an all rounded student, multi-talented, funny, outgoing…He was everything I wasn’t. I was 15 when I got appointed to serve in the Christian Union (C. I was principled, God-fearing & my mum had done a pretty good job raising me up. U member about that time…It was a big deal because they’d just appointed me chairperson.

I want everyone to know the real me…not the pretty version they’ve always had. So you can imagine my surprise when he said that he liked me. But it was also that time I was forced to leave my relationship. And a few months later he had a fling with my best friend.

Kenya Airways lifted less tonnage due to decrease in wide body capacity, thus cargo revenue dipped 20.9 per cent.

The airline reduced its direct operating costs by Sh2 billion to Sh32.8 billion due to fuel prices.

The company has been struggling to keep a balance of its operations and profits after recording pretax loss of 3 million (Sh29.7 billion) for three consecutive years up to its financial year end of March 2015.

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