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At the current time, libxmlj does not support the JAXP XPath interface, only the W3C DOM one. Interested parties can view the current JAXP code through CVS.

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The libxmlj library, a JNI wrapper for the Gnome libraries, allows you to leverage this speed via the JAXP interfaces. You can download the latest software as part of the Classpath project at ftp://org/pub/gnu/classpath.

However, libxmlj is still experimental and does not conform as well to the published SAX and DOM conformance tests, and JNI deployment may be a barrier to entry. You'll probably want to use one of the FTP mirror sites, although the mirrors may not be current.

This way new "interpretations" can be added as new classes without touching the whole library - at the same time they are now available for all parts of XMLUnit, not restricted to comparisons.

The respectively and really only exists to support specifying results of XSLT transformations as inputs.

The Java version supports DTDs via a validating and any schema language JAXP supports - this includes Relax NG's XML syntax if all the required libraries are available. NET version supports DTD and the deprecated XDR - at least as long as the . Should there be a way to register additional languages and custom validators for them?

The core only performs comparisons and provides hooks for all kinds of decision making.The default questions and problems are by far the most common issues that have come up on the mailing list or the sourceforge forum.In particular people feel the need to have different selection algorithms for different parts of the documents.This doesn't really look pretty in Java without lambdas either. All parts of XMLUnit described so far provide traditional APIs that may be cumbersome to use in certain context like when formulating unit tests.Please note that GNU JAXP is no longer maintained as a separate project.The XMLUnit for Java 1.x version used exception for control flow, which didn't feel right.

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