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I think even the most touch-me-not folks among us will agree that when you’re feeling disconnected from a partner, something as simple as a hand on the small of your back can remind you of the charge you both have for each other.

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If they’ve been thinking about leaving you, this will quickly change their thought process from, “What’s wrong with this relationship?

” to, “Oh, my god, what is wrong with this person I let sleep in my bed?!

This craziness happens because the ‘non-relationship relationship’ sits smack bang in the middle of the dating spectrum at the hazy and confusing place where ‘buying groceries together’ and ‘having hot sex in a nightclub bathroom’ blurs. This means that 99% of the time you are sexing each other or thinking about sexing each other.

This voracious appetite for shagging means you can count on each other for sexual fulfillment on a (at least) weekly basis.

Frankly, the fact that there have been no serious injuries is verging on miraculous. I am challenged when it comes to interacting with others physically, no matter how close we are.

When my dad and I try to say goodbye at the train station after a visit, a passing stranger would not be at fault were they to mistake us for two drunken, brawling brown bears who are also on roller-skates for the first time.

Amidst all these, the thought of a non-sexual intimacy became prevalent.

Prevalent, yes, but it cannot be considered a trend or a phenomenon because most couples are privy to a non-sexual intimate relationship, either because they enjoy their sexual relationships too much, or they simply don’t know how to go about achieving a non-sexual intimate relationship with their partners. Take Turns Adapt a mindset where neither you nor your partner would initiate looking out for each other’s interests. This is one way for you and your partner to feel more to each other because both of you are looking out not only after your interests, but also for the welfare of you yourselves as persons.

If there were a camera in my apartment, those fortunate (and creepy as balls) enough to be watching the live-feed would be displeased with what they found.

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