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We don’t talk much about sexually transmissible infections outside of headlines about their prevalence among teenagers or older people, but there’s a lot of in-between that needs discussion.

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I can’t wait to hear from people who are willing to share the concrete ways they make sex normal in their everyday lives. That’s what this is about — recognizing the ways people are already making sex normal and showing other people, so they can do it too.

For example, I’d love to see pictures of age-appropriate sex-positive kids’ books with captions like, “I teach my kids accurate information about their bodies” or “I talk to my kids about how babies are made” or “I answer my kids’ questions about sexuality.” Or maybe pictures of condoms, with captions like “I teach my teenage son or daughter how to protect themselves and their partner.” Or pictures of a drawer of sex toys with a caption like “My spouse and I make sex normal by talking about sex — and making it fun! It’s kind of a “Wizard of Oz” moment: As a society, we’ve been waiting so long for politicians, school systems and healthcare providers to make sex normal for us when all along we’ve had the power to do it ourselves.

When I say “make sex normal” I’m talking about making sex, bodies and gender normal, everyday parts of regular conversations.

I expect that the photos people submit will cause some to think twice about what’s normal in the first place.

” With Make Sex Normal, Herbenick is betting on it. My work life is littered with promotional sex stuff. I meant blessed.) As I type, there’s a tube of bacon-flavored lube sitting on my desk, and my laptop sits atop the tome “Guide to Getting It On.” Last week I brought home a purple silk robe that read “TROJAN Lubricants.” Literally just now a package of “before & after intimate wipes” arrived at the office. Basically, every day I expose my co-workers to something that in any other setting would require a write-up from H. It also totally skews my perspective of what is normal. She’s soliciting photos of people doing things like “teaching a sex-ed class” and “working the phone at an HIV education center.” So far, the site features snapshots of folks with vulva puppets, sex toys and even a rainbow-clad llama.

I talked to Herbenick by email — as she waited for a flight at noisy La Guardia Airport — about what it means, exactly, to “make sex normal.”Sex is seemingly everywhere in our culture and yet, as your site points out, we rarely ever talk about it openly or honestly. The kind of sex that is often openly discussed is often sensational (e.g., headlines about rape or sex scandals), political (e.g., about DOMA or same-sex marriage) or else it’s “sexy” sex, such as in music videos, swimsuit issues or porn.

Not a day goes by where you don’t hear a lament in the media about our hyper-sexualized culture.

Teen pregnancy rates, the decline in marriage, sexual assault — they’re erroneously linked to everything from pop music tarts to pornography.

In an email announcing the project, she explains that it’s her response to “a pretty tough 2012 election season in which I felt depressingly and repeatedly reminded how little information and comfort there is about sexuality and reproductive health issues.” She “kept wondering what to do,” she writes.

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