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The American Medical Association helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.Working together, the AMA's quarter of a million physician and medical student members are playing an active role in shaping the future of medicine. News is included on the Ivy Rose website to inform visitors about current health issues, but not to endorse any particular view or activity.

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Indeed, in one of Finkel's speed-dating studies, men and women exhibited the standard sex differences when reporting their mate preferences 10 days before their speed-dating event, but these sex differences entirely disappeared at the event —once they met flesh-and-blood potential partners.

The same trend also emerges in established relationships when people are making decisions about whether to marry.

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The partnership will educate healthcare organizations about key evidence-based population health management techniques such as appropriately prescribing aspirin, encouraging smoking cessation, managing high cholesterol, and promoting healthier lifestyle choices for patients.

They will also study how smaller, independent healthcare providers can enact meaningful interventions with limited budgets and resources.Huddled around tables in the lobby of AMA headquarters, physicians talked with students about such issues as quality of life, salary, interests and future goals.One of the physicians on hand was Russell Robertson, MD, a family medicine physician who is a former elementary and junior high school teacher. Robertson told students that he chose to go into family medicine because of his love for people, an aspect that has proven to provide longevity in his career.With billion in attributed healthcare costs and more than 350,000 deaths per year, reducing hypertension and associated cardiovascular events like stroke and heart attacks has become a top priority for the industry.The CDC and HHS have promoted the Million Hearts Challenge as a way to lower the incidence of heart attack and strokes while rewarding healthcare providers for demonstrating improved hypertension control among their patient populations.His study randomly determined whether the male or the female speed daters rotated from partner to partner while the opposite-sex dater remained seated.

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