Naughty and pregnant chat - Norway dating for marriage

Last week the documentary focused on Norwegian men and ‘import brides’.

It is commonly known amongst Norwegians that Norwegian men import brides because Norwegian women don’t consider them ‘a catch’. When it comes to Norwegians marrying someone abroad certain trends have developed over the years.

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One particular Russian woman, now living in Tromsø, said that her friend was married to a Norwegian.

Her friend asked her if she wanted to live in Norway.

Not only do import brides have to deal with regular immigration difficulties such as culture shock and discrimination, but an underlining sense of shame projected on them by Norwegian society.

Even amongst immigrants, import brides have a lower status than asylum seekers.

Some of these import marriages trap women into a life of insecurity and service.

A Russian woman who marries a Norwegian man increases her social status among her friends and family.

However, ‘many of the 6500 marriages between Norwegian men and Thai women are happy but Norwegian law allows some men to exploit their wives’.

Interview from Thai woman who was masked to hide her identity: The first time we met we hit it off and he asked me to come to Norway on a holiday…

A Ui T researcher, Ann Therese Lotherington, says ‘The Norwegian regulations produce dominating men and subordinate women.

Even if the parties don’t want it that way.’ She mentions that this does not fit with the Norwegian view of gender equality.

Currently most Norwegian women who marry from abroad marry from Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

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