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Any colour of light above the mid infra red (so near IR, visible, UV etc) will have enough energy to do this, so your camera is sensitive to infra red light.More expensive CCD chips found in real digital cameras work slightly differently but on the same principle, so they are also sensitive to IR.

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But if a photon of light with enough energy hits the middle of the diode it will knock an electron off a silicon atom which can now move and carry electric current.

The electronics then measures this current and so how much light has hit the sensor.

So we want to remove this filter and replace it with one that stops visible light but allows IR through.

You are now looking for the IR filter this is a small piece of glass with a reddish or greenish tinge.

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Each of these sensors is a small diode - a one way valve for electricity, and the electronics is trying to push electricity the wrong way through this diode.

This normally doesn't work because a diode is designed so that there are no free electrons to carry an electric current when you try and push electricity the wrong way.

Your webcam has a sensor behind the lens which is sensitive to most colours of light and IR (and also ultra violet).

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