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Note that it's not as dynamic as some of the other ones in a sense of still allowing users to enter erroneous characters, but it blocks them from pressing the button and thus doing anything.This goes well with my theme of graying out buttons when actions cannot be performed. Some solutions are better than others in certain situations, so I figured I'd share this, so that someone who's in a similar situation to mine may use it. WPF Text Box has Text Changed event which is general for everything, it includes pasting, typing and whatever that can come up to your mind.But the question is the value for Numeric Up Down will change automatically after the focus changed if the value input is out of its range. So curious :-) Anyway thank you very much for your help! Here it the code of what I have done: EDIT: @Carlos_Liu: Ok, I can see now the problem, you can achieve this with the Text Changed event, just save the value in a dummy variable and reuse it at txt_Validating, but be cautious, don't update this variable unless the textbox is focused.

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Unlike other Windows Forms controls, a Folder Browser Dialog does not have and not need visual properties like others.

To create a Folder Browser Dialog control at design-time, you simply drag and drop a Folder Browser Dialog control from Toolbox to a Form in Visual Studio.

But you can easily do it just by setting the min and max smaller/larger and checking the value in the Value Changed event. NET like validation controls can be both more informative and less annoying.

Are you suggesting that the value is changed without notification?

Also I tried to implement a workaround explained in this question, but not succeeded. I need to simply ignore user input if it's greater than Maximum or lesser than Minimum. Or better yet, don't use the control as the storage for the value, have a class that holds these values that is updated when they change.

Nagging the user by slapping her with message boxes doesn't make for the greatest user interface.The way my app is designed, nobody in their right mind is going to want to mess with the arrows. Here regular expression matches the text input only if it is not a number, then it is not made to entry textbox. Text, new Text), Regular Expression); then this will evaluate the entire string. Add in a VALIDATION RULE that when the text changes checks to determine if the data is numeric, and if it is, allows processing to continue, and if it is not, prompts the user that only numeric data is accepted in that field.They don't make any practical sense, in the context of my app. If you want only alphabets then replace the regular expression as The Event handler is preview text input. Read more here: will keep setting previous Text to numeric TB. Text to its last valid value if user writes something that you don't like.Here is the new sample code: EDIT#2 @Carlos_Liu: If you need the entered value to be kept, still there is a trick for doing so: @ the Validating event of the textbox, check the value, if it is not within the range, cancel loosing the focus! I tried to catch Key Down and Key Press, but value wasn't changed during this events. @John Preston - Understood, but you could use the Enter or Focus events to store the current value of the control.This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

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