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2) 50 Members joined an Affiliate ABK-Soft dating script social network.

PHP script dating solutions (otherwise called PHP script community or social network software) are special types of PHP script programs that enable the flawless running of social networks and dating community websites.

ABK-Soft has been working hard to provide the PHP script market with a PHP script dating solution that can be setup to run in a few minutes after buying it.

ABK-Soft’s PHP script dating solution is called Able Dating PHP Script.

Able Dating features quite a lot of new stuff that you do not quite often see in PHP scripts.

Of course new features in the social network engine may lack errorlessness, but due to the fact that the community script is being constantly worked upon and that it is updated regularly hacker attacks and script breakdowns are minimized to a very safe level.

There are many PHP script solutions out there, but only one type of PHP script will let you earn much money.

10% of them will click - a minimum of 50 is made on banner ad programs. After a year, your ABK-Soft dating script running social network will have more and more clients, meaning more and more money. But what makes Able Dating Community Script so safe for members and owners alike?

Able Dating Community Script guarantees that script owners are not interrupted by code errors and bugs.

Every member’s images have different parameters - some will upload *others *.jpg, some will upload image sizes of 60 by 60 pixels, while others up to 1280 by 1024!

This might, most probably, make your Social Network and Dating Community extremely non-optimized!

And that’s not the best thing about Able Dating Script image upload manager.

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