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An achievement is also awarded for "playing all minigames", which includes Space Travel and thus can only be gotten as part of defeating Rondo. THE URBZ: SIMS IN THE CITY FOR DS WALKTHROUGH Mission 1- misn1 Mission 2- misn2 Mission 3- misn3 Mission 4- misn4 Mission 5- misn5 Splicer Island- misn S Rep Missions- misn R List of All Xizzles- xzzl Minigames- mni G Unrelated Information- unif Credit to: Maxis and EA, for the great game.

After your time is up, Kris will come talk to you some more.

-Befriend Kris Thistle (relationship 30) Just talk to her. You're gonna be doing this a lot throughout the game, so it's a good idea to get used to it.

At that point, all text in the game (including the title screen and plot text in the mini-games) is rewritten to refer to "praise Rondo" repeatedly.

In addition, the "thing with numbers on it" now switches to displaying "0/7".

If you go to the left from where you begin, you will see a money sign. Go over to that and press "A" for the game to begin!

The concept is fairly simple: dodge the droppings and then wipe them up.

For the second question, you must use the second option: "The janitor told me I could stay." For the third question, you must answer the first option: "Real food, I was tired of eating junk." For the last question, you must use the first option: "No.

He is finding legal ways to make people miserable." After you have done these two things, you will be let out on probation. 1-6: Find a Place to Live -Play the Hoopz Minigame This game is found on the roof of the jail. This is a fun, basic game that will get you a nice sum of money.

-Find the Key The key to Lily Gates' office is located next to the computer on her desk, right by the blue chair.

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