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Find out if you’re being catfished by running a search now!This is one of the newest and most recently publicized catfishing scams although, they’ve been going on a lot longer than people know about.The ACCC is unable to help you recover money lost to a scam or assist in tracking down a scammer.

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Often there is no intention to hurt people, just to feel a certain emotion. Their only concern is getting your money and they will tell you whatever it takes to get it.

Believe it or not, but, most catfish are extroverts.

Another version of this story is that the prince needs to store the money temporarily in order to hide the money.

They ask for personal bank information in order to transfer the money and then steal money.

Spam, phishing and other scams aren’t limited to just email. The same rules apply on social networks: When in doubt, throw it out.

This rule applies to links in online ads, status updates, tweets and other posts.

The latest version of this scam are people posing as your relatives on Facebook telling you that they know a wealthy person that needs money because to move because they don’t currently have access to their money.

These are the worst types of the catfish scams and always involved a request for personal information or to send money.

There are different things that motivate each of these people.

It’s most commonly a need to be liked, hide who they really are because of confidence issue and sometimes it’s because of greed because they want your money but, in all cases, the catfish is lying about who they are.

This is one of the easiest scams to catch but, so many people fall for it each year because it plays into their emotions.

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