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I signed up for a bunch of dating sites and begrudgingly promised myself I wouldn't fuck on a first date.

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When we ended the evening at his apartment, I explained to him that I was a virgin.

"But I really want you to fuck me," I said, as I wiggled out of my jeans, already imagining how jealous my suitemates would be. I never heard from him again, but I didn't care.

In the chick-lit novel I was crafting in my mind, I was the fuck-'em-all girl who didn't follow the rules.

If I didn't try to date, or deliberately sabotaged the process, I couldn't fail.

"I can't believe it just took one beer to make you come home with me!

" one guy said the next morning with a mix of amazement and self-congratulation. We hooked up every Saturday or Sunday for a few months, but we were never dating.Hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached and hoping to never see them again.It is important not to exchange any personal info with them so they can't track you down and stalk you later."You're not supposed to sleep with them right away! "They 'll never be interested in you." That wasn't the point. I hated how much my casual-hookup guy had become that ideal in my mind.For the first time in my life, I admitted to myself that I was actually seeking a relationship.Instead, I would end up at his apartment after midnight, usually when one or both of us were drunk.

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