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‘I did go on an internet dating site to see how it worked.I put together a real portfolio – but I didn’t actually date anybody…’ The Chaplins (Oona and Ben, no relation) star in Dates, which starts tonight on Channel 4 (Picture: Garry Mac Lennan) " data-medium-file="https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/ay_111475286.jpg?‘In my family there’s a feeling of endless possibilities.

An independent spirit, she took herself off to the Scottish public school Gordonstoun, as you do, and there the dream of acting came into focus. ‘I was so grateful for that, it made people look at me differently,’ she says.

Chaplin and Richard Madden Game Of Thrones (Picture: Rex) " data-medium-file="https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/ay_111406414-e1370622329930.jpg?

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w=300&quality=80&strip=all&h=199" width="300" height="199" / In Dates, Chaplin plays Mia, a spiky character who, in separate episodes, finds herself caught up in full-on love games with Will Mellor and Ben Chaplin (no relation).

If I went on a blind date, even if the guy was a nightmare, I would really try to make him feel good.’ Chaplin has been quoted as saying ‘I fall in love on a daily basis’. ‘The background to that is easy – it’s feeling relaxed, feeling Cuban, where I was brought up,’ she says. I have no qualms saying “I love you” to a guy I’ve just met.

But if you do that to a British guy, trust me, he’ll run a mile.

That should be a reality for everyone – do different things, you never know how it will turn out.’ That grandfather is, of course, silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin and I’d been half expecting to have to hedge around the subject of her celebrated roots.

Doesn’t she ever get sick of people relating her to her family tree? ‘Because there’s so much love attached to his name.

But it doesn’t feel too cheeky a stretch, given that Chaplin is starring in Dates, C4’s new series of amorous short stories.

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