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Introducing viewers to the cosmic calendar that would often be used throughout the show, we are given a 12-month calendar that shows the history of the cosmos, immediately setting off creationists because the calendar shows a universe that is 13.8 billion years and an earth that is 4.5 billion years old.

However, this got the least amount of attention from the naysayers, as Tyson mentions Giordano Bruno, a Catholic who dared to challenge the church’s geocentric theory of the cosmos and proposed that the earth actually revolved around the sun.

Cosmological constants, such as the speed of light, help us map the universe back to its very beginnings, the Big Bang, which took place some 13.8 billion years ago.

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Some have hailed this as a total refutation of recent creation, but Tyson’s a bit late here, for that problem was pointed out long before he was even born. Wave lengths tell us an awful lot about the world, and their discovery is fascinating.

And just as those who believe in the Big Bang have offered a solution to their light travel time problem, we’ve offered possible solutions to our light travel time problem.”Faulkner and Answers in Genesis have concocted their own fallacy to explain why we can see what we do, dismissing Einstein’s speed of light discovery, even rejecting that the speed of light is a unit of measurement. Religious groups only really took note to point out that the discoverer of much of what we know about wave lengths, William Herschel, was a Christian, yet ignore that he didn’t use the Bible or his religion to uncover his findings, but simply science and the scientific method.

However, just as in the debate with Nye, Ham and his organization could not debunk the science of the episode and instead attempted to redefine evolution and claim that scientists have “hijacked” the word and are not using it properly.

They turned to Bible scripture as their only rebuttal, something that became commonplace after subsequent episodes of the show.

One of the most anticipated shows of 2014 was Fox’s “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” hosted by notable astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson and produced by Seth Mc Farlane and Ann Druyan, the widow of Carl Sagan, the host of the original “Cosmos” series.

The new “Cosmos” had the largest worldwide debut of a mini-series, capturing an audience of over 8 million viewers in the U. Controversy surrounded the show immediately, thrusting Tyson into the spotlight of religious fundamentalists and science deniers on the extreme right.Newton’s most notable work, was basically dead before it was born.Tyson explained how Newton discovered many of the findings he uncovered, and how his work was later used to predict things like the pattern of Halley’s Comet.Episode 3: “When Knowledge Conquered Fear”The world almost never knew the greatest works of Isaac Newton.The Royal Society was financially failing, books were not selling and new books could not be published and claims of plagiarism were running wild.He went on to compare these findings with what past civilizations once believed while basking in the awe of our growing understanding of our universe and our place in it.

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