Os x weather widget not updating

This is different from making Dashboard hover over everything again, because this actually liberates the widgets out of Dashboard turning them into movable objects on the desktop itself.

os x weather widget not updating-65

Note that disabling devmode alone is not sufficient to remove the widgets from the Mac desktop, you need to manually do that using the method above.

Again, if widgets are still persisting on the desktop after devmode is disabled it is because you did not move them back into Dashboard beforehand.

Updated every 15 minutes.★ The simplest way to be in constant contact with live weather 24/7 without even opening up an application.************************************************************ALARM : ************************************************************★ Simple alarm function. Then eventually it pops up, but I can’t tell if it’s my city or not.

★ You can set alarms, and organize them in your list.

The video below demonstrates adding widgets to the desktop and removing them, and how they float over all system apps in addition to other windows.

Dashboard provides access to several fun and functional, mini applications called widgets.

Open Settings – Privacy Ensure Location Services is set to ON Under Location services, ensure that Weather is enabled. Ensure Weather app is enabled for Background App Refresh.

Open Settings – General – Background App Refresh Scroll down to Weather and ensure it is enabled.

Open Settings – General – Reset Click the top choice, Reset All Settings Press OK to continue.

After pressing OK, the device will reboot to reset the required settings. After the device reboots, you must re enable all notifications.

It is very useful when you are traveling.★ Local condition report (with a stylish icon for each weather condition), temperature, high & low, wind speed & direction, humidity level, cloud cover, and sunrise & sunset times.★ Local forecasts are available.★ You can check the weather for other cities.

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