Outlook calendar appointments not updating

This allows you and the attendees to keep a record of the meetings that occurred in the past.

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Outlook saves each of these unique changes as a meeting exception.

Meetings with a very large number of exceptions result in a meeting series that is difficult to manage.

Outlook makes it easy to schedule a meeting that has multiple regular occurrences.

We recommend that you always set an end date and limit the recurring series to a specific number of occurrences.

In the period of a year, a twice weekly meeting will have about 90 more occurrences than a monthly meeting during that same period.

Although you can cancel a recurring meeting, a better option is to change the end date for the series.The best option is to set a new end date and then send the update to all attendees.This ends the meeting series early, while keeping a record of previous meetings.The attendees who earlier received the forwarded copy of the meeting will not receive the update.If the above limitations prevent you from successfully and consistently forwarding meeting invitations, it is best to simply ask the meeting organizer to add the desired attendees.Note that this email doesn't add the recipient(s) to the meeting, and it only contains meeting information such as date, time, subject, and agenda.

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