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“Before putting online our private videos, we need to ask ourselves if there's really no other way to share them with friends and loved ones.” Other videos on You Tube are from opulent private wedding dance parties.

Currently, in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, you can buy DVDs titled, (Dances of the Rich), clips from private weddings packaged into films that condemn the rich for their vulgarity while at the same time reveling in their hedonism. “The lack of conversation on sex and sexuality is a society-wide problem,” Naqvi said.

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“All my You Tube videos have tags like sex hot threesome Pakistani couple kissing etc., because all desis [South Asians] search for them and it's the best way to get unsuspecting hits,” he says.

Naqvi’s short film, “A Pakistani Sex Scene,” has no nudity, but it has been viewed more than 650,000 times on You Tube and another 630,000 on Vimeo.

In June, the two sisters and their mother were brutally gunned down by their step-brother, an apparent “honor“ killing over the mobile video.

The video clip circulated from phone to phone among their conservative community. By ending their lives with his gun, the step-brother was trying to wash away the supposed shame his sisters had brought upon the family, thus reclaiming their honor or , as it is called in Urdu.

Dailymotion riconosce che alcuni contenuti non siano appropriati per tutti gli utenti.

Grazie al nostro Filtro Famiglia puoi scegliere i contenuti che incontrano i tuoi gusti personali.

To highlight the range of ways in which videos made by Pakistanis for private consumption are misappropriated, Global Voices Online concealed the faces of the dancers and used the You Tube clips to create a short film.

The film opens with a woman doing a traditional dance at an intimate family gathering, but is titled “Pakistani girl dance in Islamabad College party.” A mobile video of a student mimicking a Bollywood dance in a classroom is likewise labeled “HOT Young Pakistani girl Dancing in Lahore.” This particular clip has been appropriated in various ways across You Tube, including in a Jihadist propaganda video titled “Modern Co Education In Pakistan or Sex Nurseries.” Another clip is an outright name-and-shame video, identifying students from “City School,” one of Pakistan's largest private co-education schools.

Pakistani women dance and sing even in the most conservative towns, but usually only with trusted family.

Many never dance in front of (outsiders), to avoid casting a shadow on their family’s honor.

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