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I read the chapters that I had over and over and over for reinforcement.

I stayed happy (faked it) and made every excuse not to see him.

Those are not the emotions from which a lifetime commitment is likely to spring.

Perhaps you're with a man who doesn't want to let you go, but who insists that marriage is just a piece of paper, and therefore he doesn't want to marry you.

Perhaps you're with a man who promises that you'll get married "someday" and you've been waiting for that "someday" over and over for the past seven years. My friend Mimi Tanner has a new approach that will get your relationship to the next level without scaring your guy off. Mimi's "Reverse Ultimatum" is a technique that shows you how you can start moving your relationship toward a commitment.

But the Reverse Ultimatum is a Stress-Free kind of ultimatum. In a Reverse Ultimatum there will be no losers, because no one is being forced to surrender.

Your goal with a Reverse Ultimatum is the same as with a traditional ultimatum.

Honestly I couldn't go on like that, so I had no choice but to do the "Reverse Ultimatum," and if it worked, great.

But I really felt like it was going to be over (which was quite painful) but this way of handling things seemed the most natural with no drama involved.

It can be used in dating relationships and even in marriages.

Here's what you can do with the principles in the Reverse Ultimatum: Find out if he truly loves you and is capable of taking action Find out if your relationship has long-term potential or if he just sees you as a temporary girlfriend Find out whether he's really interested in you Make him want more of your time Move your relationship closer Make him wake up and stop taking you for granted Become a priority in his life, because you're in love with him, and he is a priority in your heart Make him realize that he doesn't want to lose you Make him realize that he doesn't want to live without you Mimi Tanner's books, which have sold tens of thousands of copies, are legendary landmarks in the relationship field.

Both are intended to cause a complacent man to recognize that he needs to take action to claim you - or else lose you.

A Reverse Ultimatum is the kindest and most efficient way of accomplishing this goal.

I love his "tough love" - because sometimes it's hard to see how much power we actually have, and because so many "gurus" are afraid to say the truth about men and relationships.

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