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If you customize your workspace, save (File Get more productive with performance and stability improvements.

Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 Update 2 will update the previous release of Corel Paint Shop Pro X9.

Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a raster and vector graphics editor for Microsoft Windows. In October 2004, Corel purchased Jasc Software and the distribution rights to Paint Shop Pro.

PSP functionality can be extended by Photoshop-compatible plugins.

The bundled extras cannot be installed unless that version of the Paint Shop program is already installed.

However, once a bundled extra such as a plugin has been installed, the installed files can be copied to other versions, e.g., a plugin installed under X5 can be copied to X6 and even if X5 is then uninstalled, the plugin will continue to work under X6.

Most newer versions are only commercially available although some have been distributed in the United Kingdom in computer magazine CDs after they became obsolete.

On November 28, 2007, Corel announced that the office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where Paint Shop Pro was created, would be shut down, with development moving to offices in California and China.

This update improves application stability and addresses a number of reported issues.

Important: This update might affect workspace customizations.

Paint Shop Pro 5 added support for layers as well as CMYK and HSL colour modes, included JASC Animation Shop for creating animations and in fact was marketed as "Paint Shop Pro 5.0 with Animation Shop".

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