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The convention, which has been going on for two decades, has earned the reputation of being “club ISNA.” Misha says that while you’re supposed to be getting closer to God, people are getting “down and dirty.” Naqeeb says there are definitely some lewd characters on the prowl looking to score.I’m told that these conferences have become so popular (and so sexually charged) because it’s like a Spring Break for Muslims.“Kissing and heavy makeout sessions were a big deal. Especially sex.” Where Muslim-American girls definitely are not having casual sex is on dating websites like Arab,, and Muslim

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He says that dating sites targeted at Muslims don’t really fit into the conservative interpretation of Islam. Things you couldn’t do in your neighborhood.” Arab Lounge has 1.3 million users, 65 percent of whom identify as Muslim—though those at the website say that number should actually be higher.

While most users are in the United States, the site is booming in the Middle East and North Africa.

Naqeeb Memon, a 30-year-old software consultant, was in attendance—those he was mostly keen to “network.” He tells me that when the ladies saw some “fresh meat,” or a new guy, that they liked, they pounced. And getting attention because of that.” Eid Prom doesn’t have a salacious reputation—at least, not yet.

And by “pounced,” he meant that they chatted him up. That’s left to the acronym-heavy events like ISNA (Islamic Society of North America).

was keen on the sinus-clearing stench of perfume at a matrimonial meet-and-greet in D. Picture hordes of single men running towards single women and plates of biryani.

But it isn’t all tall, handsome doctors (that’s stereotypically what a Muslim girl should hope for) and buffets.

Mirza is one of the guys behind “Eid Extravaganza” (also called “Eid Prom”) a party to break fast at the end of Ramadan.

In only a few years, the soiree has blossomed into a per person event. You can mingle alcohol-free as if you’re having a casual chai. While it’s not explicitly in the party’s description, several people tell me it’s a hot place to meet singles.

While Misha says she has been courted, or accosted, mostly by “freaks” in their early 50s (one man asked her, “I’M EASYGOING LOOKING FOR NICE GIRL FOR RELATIONSHIP LEAD TO MARRIAGE CAN WE TALK? And people are online,” says Arab Lounge COO Darren Romeo (yes that’s his real name).

HERE IS MY YAHOO”), and one of her aunts was duped into a Green Card marriage, every match isn’t doomed. He sees profile pictures ranging from those in hijabs to those holding wine glasses.

Still, something resembling dating does inevitably take place.

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