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Lacey chose to conduct a sit-down interview where he explained his decision and spoke of his basketball talents, family life and who he is as a person.“As a father, I’d like a son to be like Trevor,” said Jack Doss of Trevor Lacey.

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Upon his arrival at the Capstone as a freshman, he stepped into a local tattoo parlor for the first of several tattoos that now cover several parts of his body.

As with the instructions on getting body ink, he has always listened to his mother who works as a nurse at the Alabama Pain Center.

“She didn’t care how much money they offered me or her ($1.5-million for one year according to Lacey). He’s better suited for the style of play Gottfried brings to the Wolfpack. He remains level headed and knows where he stands in his life and is aware of how others flock to be along his side. “I don’t think I’m better than anyone else and I will treat you that way,” said Lacey of his self-description.

The former Parade Magazine All-American, who averaged over 30-points per game at Butler, walks among his communities of Huntsville and Raleigh, N. “I’ll shake your hand just like I would a billionaire’s hand.

Doss, the former Butler High head coach, now at Johnson High, who coached Lacey through four years of prep basketball at Butler, including three state championships where Lacey was twice named Finals MVP and the state’s Mr.

Basketball, remembered first seeing the talents of who Doss called the best all-round player he had at Butler. That made me a happy man.” Watching the basketball exploits of Lacey makes one marvel at the natural talents that made him a five-star recruit and was among the top 25 recruits in the country.

“It was a middle school game where he played two and a half years ahead of his ability,” said Doss. But there’s much more to this elite athlete that makes him a likeable, charming young man.

Walk A Straight Line Born to William Pride and Freda Lacey in Huntsville Hospital on Oct.

“You’ll never hear anyone say that I’m selfish, cocky, having a bad attitude or not being a good sportsman,” said Lacey. I always think of those in the stands as it’s the first time they see me and never have a conversation with me. You’ll never know about the future, as that guy in the stands could later be my boss and I’ll have to interview with him. I try to walk a straight line.” Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 215-pounds, Lacey has long, sculpted muscles, some of which are covered with tattoos.

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