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Neela Kaur Rasgotra first appeared in late 2003 at the start of the 10th season as a talented but very reticent medical student from Southall, London, of Punjabi Sikh heritage.

She arrives on her first day as the ER is undergoing major renovations and is for the most part unnoticed, except by Dr.

Parminder nagra shane west dating

Abby and Neela remain best friends through the series; during medical school, Neela would help Abby study and Abby would help Neela with her communication problems.

In "The Gallant Hero & The Tragic Victor", Neela becomes a widow when Gallant is killed by a roadside bomb near Mosul.

In the early part of season 14, she recovers from her accident and stays with Abby while Luka is away in Croatia. When Neela returns to work, Gates inquires about Ray and we learn that Ray has been writing to Neela.

Katey and Neela have another altercation when Katey argues with Neela's directions during a trauma, but Katey ends up looking stupid as Neela's decisions save the patient's life.

At this point, Neela was also struggling with her feelings for roommate Ray Barnett, who began to fall in love with her.

Neela kept her distance from Ray when she decided to move in with Abby Lockhart instead.Neela reunites with paramedic Tony Gates (from "Two Ships", season 12).Still mourning her husband, she gets drunk and kisses him but she apologizes to him later on.She gets angry at Michael's father, accusing him of telling Michael to go off to war when he could have stopped him, but Pratt offers her some comfort when he says that Gallant felt he had to be in Iraq, and that Pratt now understands this due to his own experiences in Darfur.Pratt later receives a phone call from the ER; both are unaware of the shootings which have taken place there.Michael Gallant, who guides her through the rough start in the hospital, and Dr. Neela is very intelligent but sometimes stumbles in her doctor–patient communications skills.

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