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The filtrate from the water extraction step, which contains the ricin, was treated with a 16.7% solution of Na SO to precipitate the protein.

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After filtration the filter cake, which contains the ricin in combination with the Na SO may be dried and slurried with CCL, to separate the ricin by flotation.

Separation of the ricin after a single precipitation and washing step is possible, but it is preferred to carry the process through an additional extraction and precipitation step.

ate This invention relates to the method of preparing toxic ll Cl Il.

These factors are of great importance in developing a satisfactory method for preparing the material.

Blowing with nitrogen efiectively prevents detoxification but is expensive when carried out on a large scale.

After the oil has been removed, the pressed cake or pomace is extracted by agitating with water at a p H of 3.8101 at 25 C. It is sensitive to acids, alkalis and halogen and may also be inactivated by mechanical working such as grinding or pulverizing. | Settle and skim oft Ricin i Settled M0 reuse I N VEN TORS Harry L. In neutral aqueous solution it is stable only up to 60-75 C., and in solid form up to 100110 0, although for short exposures, temperatures up to 130 may be tolerated.In this washing step a 16.7% solution of Na SO was again used.This washing step removed an additional 15% of non-toxic nitrogen from the cake. It is most effective as a poison when injected intravenously or inhaled, the latter requiring extreme comminution and small particle size to be effective.

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