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I sang with the original cast of Jubilee at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas in 1981.“In 1998, I received the NBC 4 and YWCA's Incredible Women Making History Award signed by Mayor Richard Riordan for my contributions at the Los Angeles Children's Museum recording studio, The Nothing-To-Do-Funshop series, teaching numerous children's radio workshops at the museum and local schools, and my work at Radio Aahs, KPLS AM830.”Since 2007, in addition to her production assignment at KPCC, she owns a freelance production company, Angel Wings Productions.and presiding as past board member of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters.

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In 2010, Ashley and her husband opened East Coast Pizza Company in Simi Valley. on Saturdays and also serves as the station's music director.

She now works mornings at KWSV, a non-commercial station at 99.1 in the Simi Valley. Jamie began his radio career while studying Classical Vocal Education at Ithaca College in Central New York. As a performer, Jamie has sung on the mainstage of Chicago's House of Blues, across Ireland, on NBC and most recently, at the Harmony Sweepstakes national a cappella competition in San Francisco.

When Los Angeles Radio People lose their jobs, some come to find out about potential job opportunities, others come to complain about the state of radio.

Regular readers of this column know that we have published numerous stories over the years giving encouragement, suggestions and a realignment of thinking to take God-given talents and turn them toward a new direction.

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He also had a helicopter news operation with Donn Reed and pilot Max Schumacher. , Manny: KRLA, 1980-81; KDAY, 1981-84; KNAC, 1982-85; KRLA, 1985-89; KKBT, 1989; KOCM, 1990-91; KIKF, 1991-92; KMGX, 1991-94; KGIL, 1993; KRLA, 1993-98; KBIG, 1999; KIKF, 1999. Born October 4, 1953, in Greenwich, Connecticut, Alex was raised in Massachusetts and he graduated from UCLA in 1973 with a degree in communications.He passed away in early October 2015, of a liver disease.In recent years, LARadio had often become the repository for broken hearts.In his spare time, Jamie can usually be found at the New Beverly or Aero Cinemas indulging his other love: film.I started singing at 16 years old and toured across the country performing at major hotels and supper clubs,” said Rita.Ashley was part of the morning team with Peter Tilden at KZLA until a format flip in late summer to 2006.

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