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the regions of Langkat, Tapanuli, Padang, etc.), the Chinese and the Indo-Europeans.The first works were dominated by syair, hikayat and translations of western novels.

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Indonesian Literature can refer to literature produced in the Indonesian archipelago.

It is also used to refer more broadly to literature produced in areas with common language roots based on the Malay language (of which Indonesian is one scion).

During its early history, Indonesia was the centre of trade among sailors and traders from China, India, Europe and the Middle East.

Indonesia was then a colony of the Netherlands (ca. Its literary tradition was influenced by these cultures, mainly those of India, Persia, China and, more recently, Western Europe.

This would extend the reach to the Maritime Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, but also other nations with a common language such as Malaysia and Brunei, as well as population within other nations such as the Malay people living in Singapore.

There are also works written in and about Indonesia in unrelated languages.

For instance, older Malay literature was being written until well into the twentieth century.

Likewise, the Pujangga Baru Generation was active even after the Generation of 1950 had entered the literary scene.

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