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Before the arrival of the Spanish, native Peruvians engaged largely in nature worship.Shamans or used San Pedro cacti or the ayahuasca plant to induce hallucinations as part of a spiritual experience.

Peru dating culture

At the time, the Amazon jungle was one of the few environments where rubber trees grew.

Foreigners came to the Amazon to harvest the rubber trees, and some became quite rich in the process.

Because of the high rate of illiteracy among indigenous people, this policy excluded a large portion of the indigenous population from the democratic process.

One group of natives fared particularly badly in the wake of colonization.

During the 20th century, Jose María Arquedas brought more attention to the plight of indigenous populations with his literary efforts, including his 1970s work .

Raised among the indigenous peoples of the Andes, Arquedas draws on his experience to make his stories of life in the rural Andes highly realistic.Spanish conquistadors swiftly imposed a policy called m’ita, forcing the natives to work in the mines.The Spanish also introduced , a process of relocating the most disruptive tribes to areas where they would not make as much trouble.Over the years, both the government and Peruvian terrorist organizations have had involvement in the production and export of cocaine.Over the centuries, indigenous religious practices and Catholicism blended together.While most Peruvians speak Spanish, highlanders are more likely to also speak Quechua, the language of the Inca.

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