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It happened at HP Celebration in Orlando during one of the Q&A panel (January 2017). Can you explain the situation about the caption that Tom somehow changed on one of Jade’s pictures on his instagram? Are there any places which Tom frequently visits in Vancouver? She is a British model that Tom met through Greg in February 2016.

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Check her dating history from boyfriend list above and you’ll see, that Phoebe has definitely her favorite type.

Paul Wesley, Chris Zylka, and Xavier Samuel look very similar.

She dated him since June 2006, when she was only 16 years old.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (short) (2010) 11.

As more and more new people come to this blog (which I am really grateful for - thank you so much, guys), I thought it might be helpful to make a list of F. If you still have the need to ask/discuss something about her with me, the only way to do so is to contact me privately.

before asking a question and keep in mind that questions about his ex-girlfriend Jade Gordon won't be answered. I understand that some people might not be inclined to look through 235 pages, but I also might not be willing to reply to the same questions over and over again. No questions/comments about her will be published publicly. I just look for updates about Tom on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

She is a model and a friend of Greg and other guys from his circle. She deleted it from her IG after the fans called her out on the fact that she was mocking Tom and Greg. Both were done by an incredible master _dr_woo_ You can see the pictures here. Is it true that Tom and Jade actually began dating in 2007 and not in 2008? In February 2014 Tom posted a picture with the caption that it was their 7th anniversary. He didn’t date Phoebe, it’s only a rumour and the pictures of the both of them are photoshopped. Do you think that the fact that Tom still follows Jade and her gang on Instagram and likes her photos means he is still in love with her?

He had the first one with Timber in February, and then palm trees from Venice beach in April. Fans took pictures with him at Revel room, Clough Club, The Keefer bar, The Pint, Chill Winston, The Heatley, The Cambie bar. Tom and her were never romantically involved, they were just hanging out together with the group of friends. There are many pictures on her instagram taken by Tom.15.

Veřejnosti se poprvé představil v roce 1995, kdy hrál v několika špičkových televizních reklamách.

Od svých osmi let projevoval známky svého hereckého talentu, ale k jeho koníčkům patří také rybolov.

After the breakup Jade stayed in their house (Tom sold it in December 2016), Tom moved out and now lives in Venice Beach. She was later seen in Japan at the same time when Tom was there at convention. She is a girl Tom met in March 2016 during his vacation in Hawaii. She is also a model and a shop assitant in one of the boutiques in Maui. Feel free to follow my blog about Drarry or contact me via Instant messages on here, or DM me on IG or Twitter (tom_22_felton on both)7. Also the words “love to the people” was a clear reference to what Greg keeps saying. I think that it’s normal to keep following your ex and like pictures, it’s OK to be civil to each other, it’s fine to try and stay on friendly terms.

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