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Find Face now has 500,000 registered users and has processed nearly 3 million searches, according to its founders.This level of intrusion will surely add to people's existing range of privacy concerns regarding facial recognition.

photos russian dating legs-4photos russian dating legs-79photos russian dating legs-62 Steven Bannon appears to have lost the Chief of Staff post to Reince Priebus after he grossly embarrassed the President-Elect – by arranging for Nigel Farage and a man named Raheem Kassam to have a photo-op with him in Trump Tower. Kassam is a Breitbart writer and former Farage aide who told Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, to “tape her mouth shut – and her legs, so she can’t reproduce”.

First Minister Sturgeon had suffered a devastating miscarriage and lost a child.

Find Face markets itself as a dating service, but its founders hope to eventually make money from licensing its algorithm to law enforcement and retail companies.

The company told the Guardian that it has already been contacted by Russian police about using the tech.

In the meantime, everyday people can download the app on an i Phone or Android device, or, using it through a Web browser, make up to 30 searches per month for free.

When you spot someone you're interested in, you can simply take a photo and upload it to the app to find the person's Vkontakte profile, app co-founder Alexander Kabakov told the Guardian.

More stunts like this will see the GOP leadership flexing their muscles even harder. Trump’s power will be bowdlerized without Congress.

The fact that he has picked the ultimate establishment insider over Mr.

The app provides more than just a convoluted way to avoid flirting in person; it can also help you find a look-alike if pursuing your first-choice object of desire is just an impossible dream. "So you could just upload a photo of a movie star you like, or your ex, and then find 10 girls who look similar to her and send them messages." Oh, the romance.

Security software company Kaspersky put the algorithm to the test in April and found that Find Face works as well as it claims to.

Bannon is causing exultation among those who believe that Trump can indeed become a second Reagan, if he divests himself of those who are great at Twitter trolling, but poor at real politics.

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