Pleasure p dating elease

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Now you might be thinking this fact would mean that it's a LOT more explicit than say ' Fifty Shades of Grey' but it certainly is not.

The sex scenes are pretty short and you hardly see anything like in most other soft-porn movies (to which you could count his previous work I guess).

This film is hardly worth watching because it is neither a good plot based film nor a good erotic film.

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Their career ended almost in year 2007 when the singer Pleasure P left the group.

They released their first single Flossin in 2002 & their second single So Fresh So Clean in June 2004.He brought us Two Moon Junction, Wild Orchid, Red Shoe Diaries and assisted Adrian Lyne in making 9,5 weeks.So you get the theme: he's into making erotic films.Long who was called "Pretty Rickie" while the other four brothers were "The Maverix".But upon his departure from the group, plus the objection issued by an American country band "The Mavericks" to change their name, the remaining personnel decided to apply their original idea of the band's identity using back the name "Pretty Ricky" as the remaining four brothers decided to change 'ie' to 'y' for reasons of it sounding "more masculine".Overall I found the story pretty boring, slow moving and poorly written as is the dialogue btw.

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