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And because of the level of money around, the culture is just completely vile. We placed adverts for ourselves all over the place. [i] We’re having repercussions before we’ve even performed at places.

I don’t feel like I should see the ability to get married as some kind of gift to me. Everyone’s treating my performance as an excuse to get dressed up and really go crazy. : You’ve just come back from Mykonos (a Greek Island known for being a predominately Gay friendly holiday destination, ) haven’t you?

I’m not grateful for having an institution that makes me more heteronormative and solidifies the disappearance of Queerness from Gayness. I think Gay Pride is just a cheap way of telling people that there are Gay people in your city. The people at Gay Pride are from all over the country. I’m actually surprised at how many people want to walk with me at Gay Pride. I remember going on holiday in Mykonos in the late 70s.

It was one of the first places with Gay Clubs, but it was very underground.

I remember millions of gay clones with mustaches, walking on the beaches. There was an element of fear in the air.: Things couldn’t have changed more. The kind of gay guy that goes there is pretty limited. Compared to Gran Canaria, (another Gay party holiday destination,) Mykonos is now quite sedate. I think we’ll also stand out at Gay Pride too and that’s good.

You want to give them an experience that can decipher itself rather than require them to be “equipped beforehand” as they have that experience for the first time.

That’s quite difficult in my case because of the subject matter.But marriage, as a concept, does not interest me at all.I don’t feel the need to get married in order to have a committed relationship.Or you can look at a video like “Strategic Positioning” and have a very different conversation.There are loads of different conversations that will be happening. They’re not queer and the gay culture they’ve created isn’t queer.It’s hard to stop people from thinking they’re coming to a hedge maze like at Hampton Court or something. They have differently lighting and different patterns.

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